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Lead Testing

You can not see lead, but we can detect it

As revealed by studies, lead poisoning can have irreversible consequences for pregnant women and children under the age of 7 including learning disabilities, brain injury and lower IQ.

For this reason, we want to make sure every child is protected from the effects of lead poisoning.  Our company’s goal is to provide quality and affordable lead safe testing services for property owners, landlords and property managers. We are certified EPA Dust Sampling technicians. 

This review sums it up for our clients:

Great lead testing service all around. Setting up the testing date was quick and painless, and the testing itself was done in a timely and professional manner. After the testing, they got the results and entered all the info onto the city’s website for me, making the whole process practically effortless. Would definitely recommend.”

Learn more about lead in the environment  below: 

Sources of lead

Learn about the effects of lead poisoning on children

effects of lead poisoning on children

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